LYRA DC VARIABLR FREQ. SELF-Priming Pump 1″ Outlet

Solar/DC Surface Pump best for agriculture use.

32,000.00 28,680.00



“with Remote Solar Panel Suction 8MTR, 48-72 Volt, Power 900W, 25 MTR. Head, Outlet 1″ Discharge 7000 LTR PER Hour”

Lyra Solar has been built on a strong foundation of trust, transparency and a lineage of sound and straight forward business principles where the interest of consumer holds primary importance.

Recognizing customer needs & analyzing market trends to offer smart energy solutions to meet varied requirements is what differentiate us from the rest.

The biggest value creator for our organization has been our focus on building lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers, channel partners and other stakeholders.

  • Perfect for agriculture /Industrial proposed
  • No require any control pannel
  • 01 year Warranty
  • Zero maintenance
  • Free Home delivery


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